W.P.F Greece

“Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity
into integrated Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP”
Wisdom and morality improve Humanity



dr. Igor Kondrashin

W.P.F was founded in 2010 in Athens, where our headquarters is based, by the Russian philosopher Dr. Igor Kondrashin (who conceived the all idea) and establish it with Greek and British academics. Dialectical philosophical symposiums are taking place regularly each year in October in Greece and in our branches worldwide where papers are applied and presented not only from academics, but also from thinkers around the world.


Socratic Philosophical School

The Socratic Philosophical School of the W.P.F educates “Earth Citizens xxi” (21st century) to gain the basic knowledge of what an “Earth citizen xxi” means, thus the right way of living and how to function as a healthy cell of a society based on values and ​​virtues we mentioned above. The Aristotle Academy goes our educational work a step further and creates the “Excellent citizens” (aristocrats as Aristotle meant) ​​with higher education and knowledge.


W.P.F University

"The UNIVERSity study means in fact the UNIVERSal formation of man for humanity's integration". In the UNIVERSe itself only stable systems keep existence in good condition. Humanity is not yet a stable system because it has not yet achieved its proper integration. Humanity cannot achieve its integration if we do not have UNIVERSal formation of world citizens through UNIVERSity study. In this sense, in this worldwide Forum we should promote and develop the ideas about the man's UNIVERSal formation for humanity's integration. Fidel Gutierrez Vivanco Lima - Peru


Universal State of Earth

The new historical reality of Humanity has started ! - the creation and establishment of the supranational Universal STATE of the Earth (USE) is progressing !



Supreme Council today's top priorities in current activity:

  1. Expansion of the unified and uniform Civic education all over the Earth

  2. Confronting Dementia and its consequences3.Fostering of Global citizenship and formation of the Universal State of Earth
  3. Staffing of the SCH Board and Committees with appropriate members
  4. To urge Humanity to keep in mind and follow Universal Declarations